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Contrast border      8p per cm
Braid straight          2p per cm

Welcome to the Prices page

Cotton satin lining     £4.50 per metre
Blackout                   £9.50 per metre
Interlining                  £4.50 per metre
Eyelet rings                         85p each
Tie backs                            £10 each
Cushion covers                  £15 each

Make up prices
Curtains up to 240cm drop (Pencil & Eyelet)
140cm track                £80
280cm track                £160
420cm track                £240
560cm track                £400

Curtains Goblet French pleat
140cm track                £85
280cm track                £170
420cm track                £250
560cm track                £420

Interlined extra
140cm track                £10
280cm track                £20
420cm track                £30
560cm track                £40

Roman blinds         width up to 130cm
                                  up to drop 90cm £85                           
                                  up to drop 140cm £80

Roman blinds         width up to 180 cm

                                  up to drop 130cm  £130.00

These are making up prices. Please see fabrics page for additional costs.